(release date: November 1, 2005)

The Terrors Of Intimacy
1. 33
2. The Sinking
3. Comical
4. Let Me Breathe You In
5. Meet You In The Storm
6. Opening Up
7. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
8. Broken Record
9. My Soul Is Taken
10. Don't Let Me Die
11. Satori
12. All The Love You Need
13. Real

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  About The Terrors Of Intimacy
Christopher's follow-up to Control, The Terrors Of Intimacy, is also a very emotionally charged work, but this time around the lyrics are more reflective. Focusing now on more intimate, universal and spiritual themes, this CD is both more adventurous and more concise than its predecessor. The growth in Christopher's voice and songwriting is clearly evident, as is his willingness to explore new musical horizons. Lyrically, the songs on The Terrors Of Intimacy deal with the fear people have in opening themselves up to other people and to themselves. Hard hitting songs like “33”, “Satori” “Opening Up” and “Real” focus on exploring new horizons in one’s own psyche. The softer songs like “The Sinking” and “Broken Record” are about the challenging intimacy in romantic relationships. The up-tempo, rocking songs like “Comical”, “My Soul Is Taken”, “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” and “All The Love You Need” are juxtaposed with more reflective songs like “Let Me Breathe You In”, “Don’t Let Me Die” and “Meet You In The Storm”. The classic rock influences remain, but this time with a more modern and textural sound. This CD celebrates a huge leap forward in Christopher's musical and artistic development.
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(release date: January 2002)

1. All Around the Sea
2. Every Single Night
3. A Romantic Interlude (Part 1)
4. Tell Me
5. Promise
6. Can't Be All My Fault
7. I Love You
8. A Romantic Interlude (Part 2)
9. Reasons To Run
10. Liar, Cheater, Beggar, Thief
11. Control
12. Day Like This

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About Control
Christopher's debut CD, Control, was his first chance to establish himself as a musical artist in his own right after years of working with many world-class musicians. The music, reminiscent of U2, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Peter Gabriel and Sting, takes the listener on a unique and emotional journey. Songs like “All Around The Sea”, “Tell Me”, “Reasons To Run”, and “Day Like This” are rocking tunes that focus on personal reflection. “Every Single Night”, “A Romantic Interlude Part I” and “Promises” highlight fears and challenges that come with intimacy in relationships. “Can’t Be All My Fault” and “I Love You” are the heaviest songs on the CD, and deal with lashing out during a painful time. Control also features songs like the incredibly emotional “Liar, Cheater, Beggar, Thief” and the enlightening title track “Control”. This is surely the kind of CD that draws you in with every repeated listening.
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